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International carton packaging containers and technological innovation (Part 1)

paper packaging containers include cartons, cartons, paper cups, paper trays, paper tubes, paper barrels, pulp molded products, etc. Carton is an important field of paper packaging, especially in food sales packaging. Since last year, powerful merchants have launched many novel and unique carton packaging, which is refreshing

new expansion in carton packaging

1. Condiments

culinary concepts, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA, took the lead in launching sterile carton packaging of mayonnaise, lemon sauce and custard in the United States. The 32 Ounce lemon sauce is packaged with Tetra Pak instead of sterile Tetra Pak bricks, and its shelf life in non refrigerated environment reaches one year. Its main customers are hotels, hotels and entertainment centers. After opening, the sauce has a 7-day cold storage period. Due to the use of recap3 polyethylene closure cap of Tetra Pak, the carton can be sealed repeatedly. The packing box is made of thick paper, polyethylene, aluminum foil and other materials, with a total of six layers. The outermost paperboard is printed by 5-color flexographic printing. The company will also launch several new seasonings in the near future, and will also use sterile paper brick boxes for packaging

sugar and salt have been packaged in cloth bags, especially in large-scale transportation packaging. However, plastic bags are the main form of sales packaging. For a long time, there has been little change in packaging specifications. In recent years, some changes have taken place in the types of salt. Some functional salt products such as iodized salt have entered the market, and have gradually become the mainstream. The packaging of salt has increased the requirements of written instructions. Packaging also began to transform from a single plastic bag packaging, and carton packaging began to appear. The packaging of salt products abroad has tended to carton packaging, which is also the innovation trend of seasoning additive packaging in China. At present, the packaging of sugar is still mainly plastic bags, but the development trend is obviously towards paper bag packaging. It is more in line with the requirements of environmental protection, is a trend of packaging; In addition, the functionality of paper is not what it used to be. It can have high strength, good moisture resistance and printability. Bag making technology has also made great progress

2. Cold drinks

in 2005, Nestle "8th power" ice cream produced by Shanghai (Nestle) fule Food Co., Ltd. launched a new carton packaging, which has the characteristics of convenience, beauty and good compression resistance. The target consumer group is children. The package uses 250g white cardboard with PE film, which can effectively prevent moisture. The inverted trapezoid has beautiful appearance and good pressure bearing performance. Because the ice cream packed in plastic can't be sealed again if it can't be eaten immediately. However, Nestle's "8th power" ice cream packed in brand-new cartons contains 8 pieces of ice cream, which can be re sealed and refrigerated at any time during the eating process

3. Wine

Canandaigua wine company in New York has found a new 500 ml Tetra Pak brick for its new red wine product Almaden red Sangria. Tetra Pak bricks have been widely used in dairy products packaging, but it is the first time for red wine packaging. This non glass container is characterized by the convenience of the "take it and go" model, and aims to target today's fast-paced consumer groups. This octagonal Tetra Pak brick has the characteristics of shock resistance and easy to open pull rings, which conveys a sense of freshness and the pure flavor of the product. This product does not use sterile bags, with a minimum shelf life of 9 to 12 months. The carton plate has seven layers, which are composed of polyethylene, paper, aluminum foil and so on

one of Australia's sixth largest red wine producers, Blackie Valley wine company, located in the picturesque moky valley of New South Wales, has developed 250ml cartons of wine, which has been listed. This unique practical packaging can completely block oxygen, so as to ensure its freshness and flavor, prevent the decline of wine quality, and extend the shelf life of wine, which is deeply loved by consumers. In addition, this kind of package is also easy to store and not easy to break, which is very convenient and ideal for barbecues, picnics, parties, etc. This novel packaging will win good sales for the company's wine

4. Coffee

in order to prevent the carton from being damp and deformed, Yili "bitter coffee", "Qiao Jiaren" and other products have been packaged in cartons. Some cartons of similar products adopt the opening method of "easy tear", but if the "easy tear" is not well mastered during die cutting, it is not easy to tear or tear. In order to solve this problem, Yili did not design a tear opening on the carton, but designed the opening mode of the carton as a plug-in type, which is not easy to be damaged, but also can be opened repeatedly. "Bitter coffee" bicycle aluminum alloy material tensile machine is widely used in the material inspection and analysis of building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber plastic, shock absorber, textile, household appliances and other industries. A layer of heat-treated plastic film (OPP, BOPP composite film) is also added to the packaging box of household packaging, so as to better enhance the moisture-proof performance of packaging. "Bitter coffee" family cartons are printed by Tianjin global magnetic card Co., Ltd. and heat shrinkable by using the full-automatic pillow packaging machine of Qingdao jinparker Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., which has the function of automatic molding and sealing

5. Milk powder

in December 2004, Wyeth, which has always occupied the high-end market of infant formula, launched boxed milk powder in China, focusing on the mid-range price milk powder market. The use of carton packaging of milk powder is the first in the industry, and cost reduction is the primary factor Wyeth considers internationally. The boxed milk powder not only meets the selection requirements of consumers, but also costs much less than canned milk. For example, the retail price of 400g boxed hardcover infant formula is 20% - 25% lower than that of tinned milk powder of the same quality and quantity. Boxed milk powder has the advantages of safety, hygiene and low cost, which will be a new trend of milk powder packaging. Due to the use of carton packaging, its cost is far lower than that of canned products: the retail price of 400g boxed products is only grams, which is 20% - 25% lower than the price of canned products. After gaining a firm foothold in the high-end market, Wyeth adopted a new carton packaging production line to launch medium and low-grade products, seizing every opportunity to develop ordinary consumers, causing a new round of impact on domestic milk powder manufacturers

6. French fries

Inner Mongolia Hyde food launched a new product of paper box packaging of French fries at a sugar and Wine Fair. The packaging is paper box packaging, large at the bottom and small at the top, with an arc flap on the top. The working voltage in the background is 5V. The case is the back pocket of jeans, and the tear is just the flap of the trouser bag. This design is unique in many snack food packaging. The design and production of the outer packaging of this model is completed by a design and packaging company in the United States. The package contains not only fresh French fries, but also ketchup bags and napkins. The French fries bag is mainly targeted at young groups represented by college students

7. Detergent

a company introduced a new type of paper box with funnel for detergent packaging. It consists of two parts: packaging carton and hopper device for internal dose control. The two parts are folded and pasted together to form a container with certain compressive strength and easy to open. This package uses 370gsm cardboard of frvilight Kraft and adopts 4-color offset printing. Its remarkable feature is that consumers can pour a certain amount of detergent into the dishwasher without touching the detergent with their hands. This kind of packing is suitable for all kinds of dishwashers. Relevant people pointed out that functionality and practicality are the most prominent features of this carton packaging. The structural design of the package ensures that the user can use the container itself to control the correct amount of content (detergent)

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