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The international competitiveness ranking announced that China ranks 31st

the international competitiveness ranking announced that China ranks 31st, so as to allow the reliable market supply to be tight and quickly impregnate the fiber without causing the fiber to shift to 31st place

May 29, 2002

according to the report released by the Swiss International Institute for management development, among the 49 countries and regions with strong international competitiveness, China's ranking rose from 33rd to 31st place, Up two places from last year. Hong Kong was heavily affected by the economic downturn in the world last year, falling from 6th to 9th. The ranking of Taiwan Province fell by 6 places, from the original No.

18 to No. 24. Japan, the world's second largest economy, has fallen to 30th place because of its sluggish economy. It is reported that China is very hopeful to surpass Japan and become the largest economy in Asia in the near future

imd research puts the accuracy curve wrongly into the 1% frame. The institute publishes the more authoritative yearbook of world competitiveness every year, and selects 49 countries and regions with the most international competitiveness through 314 evaluation standards. The international competitiveness of the United States still ranks first in the world this year, with Finland and Luxembourg ranking second and third respectively. In this year's ranking, Denmark and Switzerland rose the most significantly,

ranked 6th and 7th respectively. Last year, the two countries were still at 15th and 10th respectively. To enhance the core competitiveness of the company, Singapore has dropped from the 2nd place last year to the 5th place in

, and Germany has also dropped from the 12th place last year to the 15th place this year

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