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Application of Internet and Intranet technology in power supply enterprises

with the application of Internet and Intranet technology, another wave of computer revolution has been set off in China. Internet technology provides a powerful means of information dissemination for today's society, which is widely used in entertainment, commercial trade, scientific research and so on. The application of Internet/Intranet technology in power supply enterprises is discussed in combination with the actual situation of power supply enterprises

1 application of Internet/Intranet in power supply enterprises

1.1 application of Internet

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with the popularity of the Internet, the following applications can be established on the homepage of Internet sites:

a) query electricity management business, such as electricity price, installation process, etc

b) query the power failure notice. Users can go to the station to inquire about the time and scope of power failure (which can be shown in the form of map), and can also receive the relevant power failure notice by e-mail

c) check the electricity consumption and the payment situation that the tensile strength of the three specimens shall not be less than 1.15 times the standard value of the tensile strength of the connecting reinforcement, including the monthly electricity bill received by the user by e-mail

d) apply for electricity, inquire the installation progress, etc

e) with the development of e-commerce, users pay through credit cards

1.2 application of Intranet

the power supply enterprise is a large enterprise, with many employees, many departments, scattered workplaces and complex business types, which requires a powerful means to effectively exchange information within the enterprise, coordinate all departments to complete tasks, and respond in time to changes in the external environment. On Intranet, the following applications and functions can be realized:

A) office automation system. The automation of document transmission and approval has greatly improved the automation of business process

b) comprehensive query system. Based on various application software management systems, such as power management, financial management, personnel management, operation management, SCADA system, realize comprehensive information query

c) information release. All departments can issue notices, briefings, rules and regulations in a timely manner

d) e-mail. Employees have their own e-mail boxes to facilitate internal and external exchanges

e) group. Employees can discuss their work and some hot topics on Intranet. Combined with NetMeeting, a simple and practical video conference system can be developed

finally, computers become an indispensable part of every employee's work. As soon as he went to work every day, he learned about tasks, handled business and recorded results from the computer. Even daily affairs such as asking for leave, reimbursement and bonus payment are notified or realized by computer. Even if you are away on business or at home, you can dial up to understand the situation or deal with business. In this way, the tedious document travel is avoided, the work efficiency is improved, the management system is strictly enforced, and the management of power supply enterprises has reached a new level

2 solutions of Internet/Intranet in power supply enterprises

there are many alternative solutions to realize the application of Internet/Intranet technology. The following factors should be considered when selecting the scheme: first, the original hardware and software investment should be protected; Secondly, the selected scheme should have room for development, and the selected products should be effectively supported and upgraded in time. The company providing products should have leading technology and good development prospects

at present, Microsoft and IBM Lotus Domino/Notes solutions are more popular in China

2.1 IBM solutions

ibm lotus uses Lotus Domino enterprise integration tools to build an enterprise solution for the Internet/Intranet. Lotus Domino is a groupware and e-mail server. Lotus Notes client installs groupware and e-mail, including e-mail, calendar, schedule, chat room, discussion hall, Web Navigator and other functions. It can also use notes designer for domino for application development

2.2 Microsoft solutions

microsoft has a series of Internet/Intranet solution products, and the upgrade is very fast. The back-end server is mainly configured with Windows NT, IIS, SQL server and exchange sever. The front end is mainly Win95 (Win98), office and ie. now Visual Studio 6.0 is launched, including various product tools, including visual basic, Visual C +, Visual FoxPro, visual j +, visual InterDev and visual SourceSafe, which can support comprehensive front-end application development

in addition, proxy server, DNS server, site server, MTS, mtsq and other products can be selected. In addition to SQL server, the database can also be connected with Oracle, Sybase, x-base, etc

in the application of Internet/Intranet in enterprises, its core is still data processing, but it uses a unified and graphical interface to make it easier for users to process data. In the development of Internet/Intranet, three-tier architecture (3-tier) is adopted, that is, application layer (presentation), business logic layer (business logic) and data service layer (data service), and distributed component object model (DCOM) is used to establish applications. This structure improves the performance of the system and has good scalability and consistency. It can meet the requirements regardless of the size of the application

in web applications, we should play a leading role in the project, adopt dynamic page (DHTML) technology, and use ADO (ActiveX data object) interface to realize the interaction with the database. General application pages are developed with frontpage and visual InterDev, and the required ActiveX controls are developed with visual basic or visual c +

in Intranet, special web development is needed to realize application. At the same time, the role of MS office cannot be ignored, especially in office automation. Office 97 already supports web applications, so it has a good complementary role with browser (ie) in information exchange, publishing and data analysis. For example, through object reference, ie can directly call word, Excel and other software, while word, access and other office software can also directly generate HTML files

in terms of network structure, the whole network implements structured wiring

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