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On International Children's Day, Huawei talked about the smart campus in the era of "Internet +"

on International Children's Day, we talked about the basic functions of Jinan gold testing Rally machine from childhood. School life accounts for most of my memories: endless ancient poems, countless chickens and rabbits in the same cage, red scarves that will be deducted if you don't wear them, crazy summer and those flowers scattered on the horizon now

in primary school, you should try your best to take the key junior high school, and in junior high school, you should try your best to take the key senior high school. Finally, you have been admitted to university in senior high school, and you have to work hard to find a job. Only when you lose it can you know how to cherish it. Now, what you should be responsible for your livelihood is the college time. You can eat a good canteen for five yuan, live in a dormitory for six months for 600 yuan, and have a free and endless library. With a campus card, you are not afraid to walk around the campus. However, the alma mater that can be returned, the time that cannot be returned. Don't be sad. Today, let's talk about smart campus solutions. Let's recall those years when we had campus cards and our similar youth

project background

Northeast Forestry University is a multidisciplinary national key university directly under the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China, which is characterized by forestry engineering and combines agriculture, science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, medicine and art. It is a key construction institution of the national 211 Project and 985 Project advantageous discipline innovation platform, which is jointly built by the Ministry of education, the State Forestry Administration and the people's Government of Heilongjiang Province

many information systems of Northeast Forestry University were built in different historical periods and backgrounds. From the perspective of campus management as a whole, these information systems form an information island, which requires students to issue multiple cards to meet their needs, increases the cost of campus management, and brings many inconveniences to students' campus life

challenges faced by customers

1 The Campus All-in-one Card business has no unified network bearing, and the network is difficult to maintain

the campus of Northeast Forestry University has been completed. The all-in-one card business is carried on the campus through the unmanaged access switch, some businesses are carried on the campus, and some businesses are grouped separately. The whole network lacks a unified management platform, and the all-in-one card data cannot be managed centrally

2. The reliability of all-in-one card data is highly required, and the consequences of problems are serious.

all-in-one card business is related to students' living expenses. The reliability and consistency of data are very important for students and schools. Once the data is lost or inconsistent, it will inevitably bring all kinds of inconvenience to students' daily life and cause great management pressure to the school

3.24-hour card shopping has strict requirements for business continuity

Campus All-in-one Card has gradually become a common payment method in schools, which puts forward higher requirements for business continuity. The system platform must maintain stable operation for 7 * 24 hours to ensure that students can swipe their cards at any time

Huawei smart campus solution

combined with the specific situation of the network of Northeast Forestry University, Huawei smart campus solution suggests that the overall network system design is divided into two layers, including access layer and core layer, using two-layer interconnection and Gigabit access

in general, the physical architecture design has the following characteristics:

Star layered topology with core nodes as the root, stable architecture, easy to expand and maintain

are they more flexible than silicon chips? What is the best catalyst for special chemical reactions? Or how to coat the surface to achieve the best thermal protection? And function partition module is clear, the scope of internal adjustment of the module is small, and it is easy to locate problems

core layer double node redundancy design to ensure the reliability of the network

support the access of various service terminals to realize multi service bearing

deploy security equipment in the outreach area to provide three-dimensional protection for the network

overall network logical architecture

the logical architecture of the all-in-one card College of Northeast Forestry University is shown in the figure below.

figure network logical architecture

overall network physical architecture

figure network physical architecture

Huawei smart campus solution highlights and customer value

1 Agile network uniformly carries the Campus All-in-one Card business, greatly simplifying the operation and maintenance management

Huawei provides the agile all-in-one card network solution, deploys two s12708 at the core layer, deploys CSS2 clusters, realizes 1+n master backup, and ensures that the network is uninterrupted for 24 hours. X1e board of agile switch s12708 provides large table entry (MAC) to meet a large number of terminal access

eanstorv3 mid-range storage to improve data reliability

Huawei provides oceanstor5300v3 mid-range storage, which ensures the stability of the hardware level through dual control and dual active design, system redundancy design and other aspects; At the same time, using the innovative raid2.0+ technology, it provides the ability of data load balancing and rapid reconfiguration, which greatly avoids the failure of local hot disks and subsequent dual disks, and ensures the reliability of data

3. Professional and trusted server, escorting business continuity

Huawei rh2288hv2 rack server, with leading hardware design. It has a unique patented design in terms of wide temperature and earthquake resistance. It can ensure the lasting and stable operation of the equipment in various environments. At the same time, spec test performance is far ahead, which can ensure the rapid response of all-in-one card business in the peak period

4. The robust one card network reduces the management cost

Huawei s12708 agile switch has built a highly reliable and safe large bandwidth network, which improves the network management efficiency and can meet the business development in the next five years

5. Reliable all-in-one card data storage, no worries

Huawei oceanstorv3 storage has been launched for two years without accidents, ensuring zero data loss and zero business interruption, and protecting the safety of Campus All-in-one Card data information

6. Continuous high-performance business operation, no emergencies

Huawei's high-quality hardware design and business continuity solution capabilities ensure the high performance of all-in-one card business and business continuity at the same time, which greatly reduces the operation and maintenance pressure of managers

Dongdong grows large-area and high-quality carbon nanotubes on the carbon fiber substrate sensitive to temperature. The Campus All-in-one Card System of North Forestry University realizes the use of a campus card in all application points on the campus, including dining in the canteen, medical treatment in the University Hospital, shopping in the supermarket, fetching water in the boiling water room, bathing, computer room boarding, meeting check-in, library reading room access, office building access, school gate access and other multi scene applications, It also provides auxiliary systems such as third-party system interface scheme, web application system and voice self-service query function, as well as a comprehensive control system for school management. The construction of Campus All-in-one Card has truly realized the multi-purpose of one card in the school, making consumption and management more standardized. Through comprehensive digitization, it has greatly improved the work efficiency of all links that I hope to help in person

step on the tail of children's day and send blessings to all children (older children and over age children) here. I wish you all:

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