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Application of Japanese chunri frequency converter in energy-saving transformation of cement plant

implementation platform: the characteristics of frequency converter regulating shaft kiln fan are: using the latest igbt/ipm as components to implement soft start for motor startup, avoiding the impact of starting current on the motor, maintaining electrical protection, reducing noise and environmental protection, improving work efficiency, and extending the service life of the motor. Another feature, According to the required air, oxfab-n is an unmodified PEKK, which sends a variable signal to the frequency converter, so as to automatically control the output frequency of the frequency converter, the voltage, and the current compared with the same period last year. The automatic tracking protection changes the speed of the motor, so as to automatically adjust the air volume of the fan as needed, so as to meet the conditions for the production and product engineers to reply immediately

energy saving or automation effect:

the cement industry is a large power consumer, especially the shaft kiln fan, which is generally adjusted by using the wind deflector. Its principle is to adjust the opening of the valve, that is, to adjust the air volume by using the resistance characteristics of the air duct. Its disadvantage is that the fan is always running at full speed, and its air volume cannot be adjusted accurately according to the demand. Therefore, the air volume runs, emits and leaks seriously, and the electric energy is consumed in vain as useless work, and the production and products are affected due to inconvenient operation

case introduction:

the shaft kiln fan of Tangshan Jidong Cement Plant is transformed. The motor power is 215kw, and its power consumption is 150 degrees per hour. Calculated by 1 yuan per kilowatt hour, the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise itself can be realized. The operation is 24 hours a day. Calculated at 30 a month, the 215kw frequency converter needs to invest 120000 yuan

conservative 30% recovery calculation: 150 × twenty-four × thirty × one × 30%=32400 yuan

that is, 32400 yuan of electricity can be saved every month

investment 120000 yuan ÷ 32400 yuan =4 (months)

it only takes 4 months to recover the investment cost

it can be seen that the recovery rate is quite high and fast, and the motor can be protected, so as to improve the product quality and output

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