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International Chemical giants have moved into Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

International Chemical giants have moved into Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

on December 29, 2001

the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, which started construction at the beginning of this year, started smoothly. International chemical giants have started large-scale projects, attracting more than $3billion in investment

Located in Caojing District of Shanghai, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park covers a total area of 23.4 square kilometers. The first phase of the project covers an area of 1

0 square kilometers, with an investment of 150 billion yuan. It mainly arranges heavy chemical projects and utility islands. By 20

10 years, it will achieve an output value of 100 billion yuan. The second phase of the project will focus on the development of petrochemical deep processing, fine chemicals and biochemistry in the remaining 13.4 square kilometers, forming a comprehensive development zone of science, industry and trade. By 2015, the output value of computer animation will be increased by 60billion yuan. It will be the largest chemical industry base in Asia, and can be comparable with the Gulf of Mexico chemical industry zone in the United States, the Antwerp chemical industry zone in Billy

and the Ludwig chemical industry zone in Germany

crack Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has attracted the attention of international chemical giants since the beginning of construction. The first batch of main investment projects with "3B" as the backbone have been launched. The 900000 ton/year

ethylene project jointly invested by Sinopec, Shanghai Petrochemical and BP, with a total investment of 2.7 billion US dollars, is one of the ethylene plants with the largest single line capacity in the world at present. After 200

five years of operation, the output is equivalent to one quarter of China's annual ethylene output. The feasibility study report of the US $1billion isocyanate project jointly invested by Shanghai Tianyuan Group, BASF company and Huntsman company has been completed, and the land contract has been initialed. After the completion of this project, it will rank among the four similar chemical plants in the world, and China can import less Isocyanate Raw Materials of US $100million per year. Bayer signed a

agreement in Beijing on October 31 for a package of 7 investment projects of US $3.1 billion, and started construction in Shanghai on November 2. It includes the construction of a total of 7 projects

Since the official commencement of construction on January 6 this year, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has stepped up the construction of infrastructure and public supporting facilities. The phase I area covers an area of 10 square kilometers, and the infrastructure has achieved "seven supplies and one leveling". A number of peripheral large municipal supporting projects such as the extension section of Shanghai A4 Expressway connected with flame retardant and foaming agent enterprises in the chemical industry park have also been started this year. In the construction of public supporting facilities, sewage treatment plants, industrial gas joint ventures, chemical industry zone water companies, logistics companies and other supporting units have been established successively, and supporting projects such as chemical industry zone management center, water plant, tank farm auxiliary facilities, large cargo wharf, sewage treatment plant phase I

project and marine wharf phase I 5000 ton liquid wharf have been started

Shanghai should optimize the development and construction planning of chemical industry parks with world-class standards, and create a good investment environment in accordance with WTO norms and international practices. It is reported that next year, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will usher in the first climax of the construction of main projects and public supporting facilities. As an agency dispatched by the municipal government, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Management Committee will continue to vigorously improve the soft and hard investment environment, complete a number of public facilities, simplify working procedures, improve work efficiency, strengthen service awareness, and carry out a new round of investment attraction at the same time

it is reported that the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will build China's largest isocyanate production base, China's largest polycarbonate base, China's largest PVC base and China's largest ethylene cracking unit in 2005. At present, a total investment of 3.37 billion US dollars has obtained the business license, and next year, an investment of 3.82 billion US dollars will be approved

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