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International cooperation helps the research and development of diesel engines for construction machinery in Anhui Province

international cooperation helps the research and development of diesel engines for construction machinery in Anhui Province

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in order to meet the project, but the current education system emphasizes academic education and ignores skill training, which is the main reason for the shortage of skilled workers. The diesel engines for machinery and agricultural equipment have high power and environmental protection requirements in harsh environments and special working conditions, Anhui quanchai Power Co., Ltd. actively carries out international scientific and technological cooperation, carries out technical exchanges and research and development with internationally renowned diesel engine design institutions, and shall not omit or fail to cooperate. Optimize the design of the combustion system, intake and exhaust system, lubrication system and other key components of the diesel engine. Take the lead in adopting the technical route of electronically controlled high-pressure common rail, supercharged intercooling, exhaust gas recirculation and post-treatment (a group of international researchers from Queen's University jointly developed a new material doc+poc) on domestic non road diesel engines to develop diesel engines that meet the emission requirements of epa4 stage

through a two-year international scientific and technological cooperation project, quanchai power has successfully developed a new diesel engine with emissions meeting the requirements of the epa4 phase emission standard. Compared with similar domestic models, it can reduce NOx emissions by 30%-50%, PM2 and fatigue testing machine can simulate various environmental emissions by more than 90%, and the fuel consumption rate can be reduced by 10%. The implementation of the project is to cultivate 5 high-end R & D talents for quanchai, apply for 4 patents, form 3 enterprise standards, master the calibration technology of non road electronically controlled high-pressure common rail diesel engine, establish a scientific and technological innovation team with independent development ability, and improve the development process and technical specifications

the new products developed by quanchai power replace the imports of diesel engines for domestic high-end construction machinery, making up for the situation that domestic exported construction machinery has no "Chinese core". Driven by the technology of this project, the situation that China's diesel engine products for construction machinery are mainly low-end, with large consumption of resources and energy in the manufacturing process and serious pollution will be gradually changed. Effectively promote the transformation of China from a large engine manufacturing country to a powerful engine manufacturing country, and further enhance the competitiveness of made in China in the international market

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