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Application of IOT security in Smart Life

as a new generation of Internet information technology, IOT has played a good role in the security industry, broadened the application field of security system, and made the security industry transition from traditional security system to intelligent security system with modern service as the concept. Its application has spread across smart medical treatment, smart campus, smart community, smart tourism and other fields

first, the application of IOT security in smart communities

providing a warm, safe and convenient modern and smart living environment for community residents is the ultimate goal of smart communities. Devices and platforms are the traditional advantages of security enterprises. After starting with Ping'an community in the early stage, the original video monitoring system has been expanded to an IOT platform, which combines community and home sensors, wearable devices, and community access management systems to provide infrastructure solutions for modern community management and intelligent big data applications. The application of IOT security in each subsystem is permeated with the concept of intelligence and integration

(I) perimeter alarm system

the security team in the community has problems such as incomplete control, prevention of blind areas and equipment maintenance. Therefore, in order to avoid property damage and personal injury caused by these loopholes, based on the existing security team, using a variety of sensor technologies: video detection, infrared, microwave, cable, electronic fence, optical fiber and other perimeter alarm lightweight engines is not a new concept device, Combined with the intelligent video monitoring system, the on-site situation can be accessed and decided in real time

(II) vehicle access/parking management system

the entrance and exit of the community and the parking lot are key prevention areas. The combination of radio frequency identification technology and video identification technology, the establishment of intelligent monitoring bayonets, real-time access to the trajectory information of people and vehicles, not only changes the single identification method, but also realizes the interaction between people, vehicles and bayonets, and can be connected to the social security system, which is convenient for the management, security, prevention, control and inspection. More importantly, it improves the accuracy and timeliness of cracking down on vehicle related illegal acts, and better maintains social stability

(III) home security management system

intelligent home security system is composed of three parts, in which the home wireless sensor network, interconnection and monitoring terminal correspond to the sensing layer, network layer and application layer of IOT in turn. Security sensors generally include surveillance cameras, gas sensors, human body sensors, infrared detectors, vibration sensors, door and window anti-theft detectors, and alarm buttons. As a node of the wireless sensor network, they are accessed using Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee and other wireless communication technologies. A large number of sensors ensure the safety of the family in an all-round way

(IV) information release system

community managers can release various information through the display screen in the community, so that residents can timely understand domestic and foreign current affairs, financial information, various notices and services in the community, and provide a platform to realize information interaction and sharing

in addition, mobile devices such as platform computers have become an essential part of IOT security. In case of illegal intrusion, fire, gas leakage and other abnormal conditions, the intelligent sensor will send an alarm signal, and transmit the signal to the community property management center, alarm center and residents through the family center, and notify the security personnel to rush to the scene in time for treatment. At the same time, residents can remotely monitor and visualize intercom through mobile devices such as computers and tablets

second, IOT penetrates all aspects of Smart Life

with the infiltration of IOT concept and the inevitable demand of the development of the information age, IOT applications gradually began to appear in the personal application market, and the trend of civilian use is becoming more and more obvious, which to a certain extent marks the increasingly mature development of IOT industry and its integration with smart home and smart life. Now, what aspects have IOT penetrated

(I) smart medicine: medical intelligent monitoring system

smart medicine is abbreviated as wit120, which is a medical term that has only recently arisen. General smart medicine consists of three parts: 3. Foreign hidden technical barriers restrict the development of smart hospital system, regional health system, and family health system. At present, the family health system is not very popular, but due to the widespread problems of medical treatment, registration and uneven distribution of medical resources, the smart medical system can play a very effective role in improving the market competition environment, so the smart hospital system and regional health system are slowly entering people's lives

take the medical intelligent monitoring system as an example: This is an intelligent system composed of electronic medical records, remote monitoring, electronic room patrol, remote rescue, mobile services and other modules. By establishing personal electronic health records, patients can let doctors know their medical history, examination, medication information, X-rays, test results, etc. when they are treated in any hospital, instead of repeating diagnosis and test every time they go to a hospital, which reduces the time of consultation and reduces the repeated use of medical resources. Through 120 ambulance monitoring and remote rescue, the staff of the hospital can form wireless video monitoring through TD technology, learn the situation in the ambulance at the first time, provide guidance for on-site rescue, and make full preparations for reception

(II) smart campus: campus one card

campus in the information age cannot be separated from information management. Smart campus generally takes Campus All-in-one Card as the core content, which will block valves and oil circuits. In one RF card, many functions can be realized, such as student status management, life consumption, identity authentication, payment, etc. Because of unified management, campus one card is easier to realize than urban one card, which is very conducive to the improvement of campus information management level. The problems and experience accumulated in the operation of Campus All-in-one Card can provide advance support for urban all-in-one card

(III) smart consumption: traceability code and smart payment

the personal consumption market is one of the most dynamic markets, so the application of IOT in smart consumption will represent a lot of vitality for IOT market

with the improvement of food safety awareness, many products gradually began to use traceability codes. Consumers can trace every production process of the product with the proprietary label on each product, which plays a role of quality control and supervision to a certain extent. As early as 2004, Yili started the traceability system of infant milk powder. Initially, digital codes were used to collect data manually, one-dimensional codes were used in 2006, and two-dimensional codes were all used in 2011

intelligent payment is a hot technology product in recent years. Alibaba's face brushing payment, Apple's fingerprint authentication (it is reported that there is evidence that Apple plans to transplant fingerprint verification technology to the latest iPhone mobile payment application), and the attempts of Alipay and Yintai in code scanning payment are all attempts at intelligent payment. Smart payment is not only applicable to offline, but also online

(IV) smart home: home appliance control

smart home has various forms, which can be generally divided into home appliance control system, lighting control system, video and audio control system, face recognition system, door and window control system, security control system, etc. The home appliance control system is composed of home appliance terminal, control module and control platform software. The householder can remotely control and manage the home appliances through the computer at any time, such as instructing the washing machine to work, checking the food storage in the refrigerator, checking whether the gas is turned off, etc. In the future, even without the instructions of the householder, the IOT refrigerator, IOT TV, IOT kitchen utensils, etc. will automatically carry out the optimal use configuration and interactive cooperation of household appliances according to the householder's preset wishes

III. conclusion

the core of IOT is business and application innovation. The deep integration of IOT technology and intelligent technology has accelerated the intelligent development of the industry and promoted the landing of industry demand on the application layer. The integration of modern security and IOT in business and technology has undergone a violent chemical reaction, which has produced new value, which is more intelligent and integrated, so that the core value of the security industry can be highlighted

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