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Packaging materials rose by 10%. Sichuan pharmaceutical enterprises were in a dilemma.

infusion packaging materials rose by 10%, pharmaceutical glass rose by 20%, and packaging cartons rose by 30%. These data made Zhou Jing, head of Sichuan Kechuang pharmaceutical supply department, helpless

after the Spring Festival this year, A price rise swept the entire pharmaceutical industry "Peharda said yes. Zhou Jing told that among many medical packaging materials, paper drug packaging materials increased the most. As long as the prices of materials related to drug packaging are rising.

Zhou Jing calculated an account: taking a fire dispelling Chinese patent medicine produced by the factory as an example, the product uses three types of packaging materials: compound bags, medium bags and cartons. The price of composite bags per kilogram in the same period last year was 25 yuan, but now it has risen to 30 yuan/kg; the price of medium bags has increased by 10% %; The carton increased by 3 yuan per square meter. The raw materials used to produce the drug rose by about 20%. Zhou Jing said that the cumulative effect of such an increase will greatly weaken the profits of the enterprise. The wholesale price of this Chinese patent medicine is 120 yuan/piece. Originally, the profit of each piece was about 10 yuan. Now, the increase of various raw materials has increased the production cost by 6-7 yuan, basically making no money

facing such a situation, pharmaceutical companies are very passive. In addition to reducing management and financial costs, there is almost no other way out. You Xintao, executive deputy general manager of Chengdu Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that the state stipulates that the price should be adjusted once every two years. In case of cost increases, enterprises can apply to the competent price department for price increases. However, under the general trend of lowering drug prices by the state, the hope of raising prices is very slim, which can only be digested by enterprises themselves

the rise in the price of drug packaging materials began in the spring of this year, when the piston returned quickly. Take the polymer packaging material emulsion rubber stopper raw material as an example, the earliest price on the market is 20000 yuan/ton, which has risen

to nearly 50000 yuan/ton. Even so, many pharmaceutical companies said that as the general trend of international crude oil prices remained unchanged, the rise of various packaging materials would continue in the short term

the rising pressure of packaging material prices has forced some enterprises to reduce production or stop production. Industry insiders believe that the root cause of the current pressure on pharmaceutical enterprises to face the slippage of the tensile testing machine and the rise in raw material prices lies in the lack of innovation ability and the overcapacity of generic drugs. At the same time, it also exposes the disadvantages of most domestic enterprises relying solely on price competition to survive first

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