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Packaging marketing: the cost and quality are the most suitable

the innovation of packaging materials, the improvement of fresh-keeping function, quality assurance function and transportation convenience have repeatedly provided new opportunities for commodities to expand the market. In foreign countries, there is a kind of display paper frame connected with the mirror frame with rope, which solves the problem that sunglasses are easy to be stolen in supermarkets, so that sunglasses manufacturers can safely use the supermarket as a channel for sales. Specifically, teacher Tan Xiaofang believes that there are the following points:

first, integrate cultural elements to fully show the brand connotation

culture has a long history. It is the eternal vitality of the brand. Integrating culture into the brand and displaying it on the terminal is an excellent way to show the brand connotation and improve the brand reputation. Therefore, if cultural elements are embodied in the packaging, the product will have a thick cultural heritage, and this product can withstand the chewing of time. Some of our ginseng salesmen, after listening to my lively marketing course, finally wisely changed their packaging strategy: small packaging (one or two), silk brocade boxes, or wooden boxes covered with cellophane covers. Such costumes are elegant and generous, which fully demonstrates the rarity, fame and value of ginseng. As a result, not only the market opened up, but also the selling price per ton increased by 23000 yuan compared with the past, doubling the profit of commodities

second, optimize the graphic design and skillfully use color costumes

the graphic design and color matching of product packaging are the pioneers to win the attention of consumers. The graphic design is exquisite, the color collocation is harmonious, and the product packaging that makes people happy must first leap into the eyes of consumers. Now, although most enterprises in China have the concept of selling goods for a piece of skin, they attach importance to the protection function of packaging, as well as the promotion function and value-added function of packaging, and recognize the role of packaging as a silent salesman, but after all, they have paid a heavy price and paid high tuition fees, with high efficiency, complete functions and convenient operation. 3、 Innovative packaging forms to meet different uses

packaging has many functions. For example, this is because polymers are composed of long-chain molecules to protect products, which is convenient for storage and transportation; Attract attention and promote sales; Convenient to purchase and carry; Enhance brand value, etc. Well designed packaging can create more use value for consumers and more sales and profits for producers. The famous French perfume industry has a famous saying: a beautifully designed perfume bottle is the best salesman for perfume. French perfume is divided into five fragrance types. Each perfume with different fragrance has different shapes in its packaging bottle. For example, there is a kind of men's perfume with a fragrance similar to forest and wood. Its packaging bottle is designed to be as tall as a tree, and it is equipped with a natural color thin strip carton that can remind people of wood; The other is perfume of Gaoshan. The packaging bottle is designed to turn into a kind of thing that is difficult to make sure. These unique and associative packaging can naturally stimulate customers' desire to buy

IV. provide necessary information and improve the brand grade

the key to packaging is to go deep into the product core and activate a series of elements related to the brand, such as product culture, name, pattern, text, color, material, shape and so on. Among them, the provision and performance of product information is very important, and the packaging information must be consistent with the product information. The design performance of brand name, logo and other information should reflect the brand personality and differences as much as possible. Maldale company, which is famous for producing cognac brandy in France, has produced brandy for Royal and high-end hotel banquets since 1715. In order not to reduce the value of such treasures, the company has given corresponding packaging. XO, the best-selling brandy produced by them, is packed in crystal glass bottles, which are also packed in exquisite boxes with Jinyu printed on them; Another brandy better than XO, the outer packing box is velvet, which can be opened like a jewelry box

nowadays, the function of product packaging is not just simple and convenient to carry. Good product packaging can protect product attributes, quickly identify brands, convey brand connotation and improve brand image. Similarly, the words, images, colors, etc. of these packages can play a propaganda effect, beautify goods and promote sales at the same time. The shoe box of Taiwan Elle women's shoes is not the usual two-piece one with a cover, nor the one with an integrated flip, but a drawer like one. It is not only convenient to display and take women's shoes in franchised stores, but also more practical and environmental friendly. Generally, people throw away the shoe box after buying it, and consumers generally do not throw away this kind of shoe box after buying it, because it is very practical, Compared with other parts preparation software, these boxes are a great storage box. When you want to wear shoes, you don't have to take down and look through them one by one. You can easily take them out with a gentle pull. Even if they are not used as shoe boxes, they can also be used as storage boxes for other items. Won't this make women buy shoes for shoeboxes? I think so

the status and role of commodity packaging in modern marketing activities are becoming more and more remarkable. In the field of marketing, some scholars call packaging the fifth P parallel to the 4P combination of marketing; In marketing practice, enterprises use packaging to dress up thousands of goods in colorful and charming. In short, product packaging is not only the silent promoter of terminal sales, but also the first promoter of terminal sales. Book Teacher Tan Xiaofang's innovative marketing course and learn more

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