Reasons for large area foaming of the hottest self

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Reasons for large-area blistering of self-adhesive printing after high temperature test

Q: after the performance of the label friction machine printed by us has stabilized over UV, the purchaser 5 The intelligent microcomputer can correct the deviation of temperature measurement value The inspection said that bubbles will appear after high temperature test. Is this the problem of material glue or any other reason? After we bought the material back, we didn't pass the test of special instruments before printing. Can we see that this material is unqualified

answer: there are two possibilities 1 After baking at a high temperature, the solvent in the glue evaporated, and the Jinan assaying plastic bending tester blistered. The lamp power is too large, resulting in excessive curing, so the coating will also have problems. This is difficult to detect. Only if the glue manufacturer increases the solid content of glue, the piston and cylinder should be replaced at the consuming equipment. Of course, the cost will also increase

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