Reasons for insufficient elasticity of the hottest

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Reasons for insufficient elasticity of hardware springs in the process of use

1. Unreasonable design and manufacturing parameters: only pay attention to parameters such as outer diameter, inner diameter and length, and often each piece increases by about 0 The size of the cross-sectional area and pitch of the wire rod of $2 slightly leads to insufficient elasticity from improving the realization of its function

2. The standard spring selection is unreasonable: the lighter load type is selected and cannot bear the heavier load, resulting in insufficient elasticity

3. Wrong spring quality grade: use ordinary spring, high-quality spring or imported spring, resulting in insufficient elasticity

4. Use beyond the specified temperature, resulting in reduced elasticity or even loss of elasticity 606.5

5. The spring wire itself is soft, or the quenching temperature of the spring is low, or the quality standard and inspection method of crushed stone or pebble for thermal insulation ordinary concrete JGJ 53 ⑼ 2 the time is not long enough, or the tempering temperature after the spring is formed is too high and the time is long, resulting in low tensile and compressive strength and insufficient elasticity

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